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Our Golden Hour believes that the threat of cultural and linguistic extinction can be averted through prompt, appropriate action, focusing on educating the children of indigenous communities. But the window of opportunity is short. That is why we are working to save the languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracts region of Bangladesh, and develop a model that can help threatened cultures and languages around the world.

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Princess Monori, ancient Marma Folktale

Princess Monori, Award Winner, Published by Our Golden Hour

Awards! We are excited to report that Princess Monori is a bronze medalist in the IPPY 2017 award competition, and it’s also a finalist in the Colorado Author’s League 2017 award program! 2017 IPPY Award The annual Independent Publisher Book Award program (IPPY) honors the best of the books from […]

The Crocodile and The Fox

Alec Julien did a marvelous job laying out The Crocodile and The Fox! He is an incredibly talented designer who has been helping Our Golden Hour (OGH) with our publishing efforts. As you can see from the cover of the book, he knows how to make a book something you […]

Fox Sketch, by Euija Kim

Coming Soon—The Crocodile and the Fox

Another book by Our Golden Hour is at the press: The Crocodile and the Fox. We are excited to add another illustrated Marma folktale to our list of publications. Every book you buy sponsors a book for a child in the Chittagong Hill Tracts—buy one give one! The Crocodile and […]

Marma alphabetic characters

Letters of Men– Marma, an Endangered Alphabet

Carving is the opposite of twitter and Instagram—it is a slow, thoughtful, and ancient process. This is the process that Tim Brookes uses to fashion the characters that make up endangered languages. His painstaking memorialization of these alphabets reminds us that language is much more than words. It is wisdom, […]

Illustrated Children’s Dictionary using Endangered Languages

An illustrated book invites children to learn. An illustrated dictionary invites children to love language—and children who speak endangered languages often don’t have any books in their mother tongue at all, and certainly no dictionaries designed for children. Tim Brookes of The Endangered Alphabets Project and his students at Champlain […]