Coming Soon—The Crocodile and the Fox

Fox Sketch, by Euija Kim

Another book by Our Golden Hour is at the press: The Crocodile and the Fox. We are excited to add another illustrated Marma folktale to our list of publications. Every book you buy sponsors a book for a child in the Chittagong Hill Tracts—buy one give one!

The Crocodile and the Fox is a story about what happens when you trust the untrustworthy. It is a sad but instructive tale, with stunning illustrations by Euija Kim.

This is the first of a series of blog posts about the book and the people who made it happen. Please meet Euija Kim.

What was your first thought about how to illustrate this story?

I read through several stories from Our Golden Hour that could be illustrated. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to illustrate The Crocodile and the Fox, because it is sad and a little scary. Ultimately, I chose to paint this story because the characters  came to life in my imagination. The story of the crocodile and the fox stayed with me. I also saw ways I could bring to life the richness of the Chittagong Hill Tracts countryside—jungle, flowers, trees.

Jungle in Chittagong Hill Tracts
Jungle illustration by Euija Kim
Euija Kim layout
Illustrating a scene in a children’s book

What was the hardest thing about illustrating this story?

After ten years of painting, I realized that I wanted to illustrate and write books. The Crocodile and the Fox is my first illustrated book. Two tasks struck me as the most challenging. I wanted to capture the essential moment of each scene as a picture. I think a great illustration describes a scene with just one picture. Deciding how to capture each scene is the task that ended up taking up most of my time!

Second, I spent a lot of time developing the story’s main characters. I enjoy drawing nature and objects, which I have practiced a lot. But it was a challenge to personify the animals who are the story’s main characters. I wasn’t sure any of my illustrations would work until I finished the story. I am happy with the way it came together and to have completed this book, and look forward to illustrating more stories.

Developing the Fox Character--fox sketches
Developing the fox character

More coming soon about Euija Kim and her beautiful artwork….

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